3rd Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography OFFO 2009


1. The 3rd Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography OFFO 2009 will take place in November 2009 on the Gorny Slask area. The Festival will be an invitation event. The Festival is charge free.

2. The Organization Team of OFFO 2009 is:

    2.1. The Holding-OFFO-Group:
  • Barbara Englender
  • Witold Englender
  • Paweł Janczaruk
  • Jakub Kaszuba
  • Georgia Krawiec
  • Krzysztof Łapka
  • Barbara Panek - Sarnowska
  • Krzysztof Sowa
    2.2. Lubuskie Towarzystwo Fotograficzne
    2.3. The Photographic Group: Indygo
    2.4. The Artistic Group Konar
    2.5. Ciasna Gallery
    2.6. Institutional organizations

3. Pictures of all authors will be presented at the same time in about 40 galleries on Gorny Slask area.

4.1 Next to the photography, on the 3rd Polish Pinhole Photography Festival will take place also lectures about photography and multimedia projects.

Possible Days of Festival-Opening are: 7 XI in Rybnik and 8 XI 2009 in Jastrzębie Zdroj. Openings of exhibitions at galleries are to be scheduled by galleries themselves.

4.2 Possible After-OFFO Exhibition: January 2010 in BWA and other galleries in Zielona Gora.

5. The After-OFFO-Catalogue will be published with the best pictures from all the galleries. International Web-site is also to be prepared.

6. Authors, that will join the 3rd Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography need to send via Mail: one picture for the Catalogue (maximum size: 2 MB) and also: min.5 pictures for the Exhibitions in Galleries. They need to be send with description: how many and in which format should they be presented. Please include also a closure with agreement to expose all the pictures charge free for promotion-purpose of the Festival.

7. The Festival is addressed to invited authors from Poland and foreign countries. The main condition of being a part of 3rd OFFO Festival is: sending minimum 5 pictures made with pinhole technology. There is no restricted subject, format or form (the very untypical ones and framed ones need to be consulted first).

The "OFFO-On-The-Way" Exhibition will be shown in many artistic places in Poland and will present one picture of every author. Authors are obligated to send 1 more picture additionally for the purpose of this Exhibition, not bigger than 50x50 and not framed. Afterwards pictures will be achieved and become the organizers ownership. The additional picture doesn't have to be a part of the main OFFO Exhibition.

9. The costs of sending pictures and possible trip to Poland will be taken by authors.

10. Pictures from The Main Exhibition will be returned to authors in the same package and by registered mail. The time of returning depends on the schedule of After-OFFO Exhibition. The "OFFO-On-The-Way" Picture wouldn't be returned.

11. Final interpretation of the status belongs to organization team Sending Picture and taking part of OFFO is equivalent with accepting the status.

12. Any additional information will be provided by OFFO-Holding Group.

13. Foreign authors can participate in the 3rd Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography OFFO 2009 as guests. Festival in 2011 will be probably really international. Invitations will be sent to authors, who can apply by sending Mails (on offo@wp.pl) containing some photos, short cv and specification of theirs exposition (as in the status - number and size of the photographies). The deadline for sending application is March 31, 2009. Works from foreign authors will be sent back if theirs authors cover the cost of sending photographies from Poland. In other case the photographies will remain in Festival's archive.

Contact: offo@wp.pl, or offo3@o2.pl

Address: Galeria Ciasna, 44-335 Jastrzębie Zdroj, ul. Katowicka 17/25, Poland

13. Possible dates:

  • 13.1. Deadline for sending application (with exact number of pictures for exhibitions): 31 III 2009.
  • 13.2. Sending Picture for Catalogue and the Web-site (additionally: short artistic CV, articles or texts about pinhole art): until 30 IV 2009.
  • 13.3. Deadline for sending pictures: 15 IX 2009

14. By any possible changes, authors will be notified through mail at the earliest.