Z cyklu „Mi familia” (My family)

Guillermo Alvarez

Buenos Aires

Argentyna – Argentina

Guillermo Álvarez Born in Buenos Aires in 1977. He currently lives in Longchamps. Buenos Aires, audiovisual producer (School of audiovisual media of Lomas de Zamora). Professor of photography and alternative photography. Coordinator and professor of film and photography in youth workshops Fm reconquista (villa hidalgo) 2012-2014 doing several audiovisual works (documentaries and books).
Organizer and curator of several international photographic exhibitions, such as Acción Estenopeica 2014-2015 and Solar 2015/2016 (International exhibition of solargraphs).
In 2009 he created a visual cultural project called Cámara Viajera, with which he provides free photography and audiovisual media workshops to any social sector in an itinerant way, touring the national and international territory.
Trained and specialized in old and alternative photographic processes Pinhole, wet collodion, cyanotype etc. Dictates talks and workshops on education and visual media, Day of photography with a social perspective at the National Technological University of Buenos Aires. Workshops on the dangers of photographic chemicals and their final disposal by electrolysis in Photopatagonia (Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz) and in La cooperativa de la imagen (Buenos Aires) Mention and recognition by the sculpture museum Luis Perlotti belonging to the government of the city of Buenos Aires for their participation and contribution to the public management school. Has participated in exhibitions in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Lithuania, etc.