Z cyklu „Seven Lunar Seas/Seven Cariboo Suns”

Anthony Carr


Kanada – Canada

All photographs were made with exposures of at least 6 hours and depict the Moon and Sun traversing the heavens, leaving a tracê of light as they go. The images represent reality beyond human vision and are only made possible through harnessing time.
I would like the Diptychs to be shown in pairs: File names with L=Left image of diptych, R= Right image of diptych

Born in London (UK), Anthony Carr is an artist based in Victoria (Canada), whose practice is predominantly in photography and sculpture. Over the years Carr has developed an interest in lo-fi techni¹ues and in particular pinhole photography. He was awarded the Hotshoe Photofusion Award in 2015 and a grant from the Eaton Fund in 2017. Recent exhibitions include On Ancient Earth, The Earth Sanctuary, Central Australia (2020), Monochrome, Glasgow Gallery Of Photography (Colab Scotland), Glasgow (2019), OFFO 2019 VIII Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography, Orzesze Galeria and Rybnik Galeria MBP (2019), Inside Out, Five Points Gallery, Connecticut, USA (2019), The Stars Look So Different Tonight, Fotogalerie Wien, Austria (2019).