Z cyklu „Layers of Prague”

Marcela Chrensťova

Praga – Praha

Czechy – Česká Republika

All photos were taken with my ragged paper pinhole camera called „Krabicák” – like the cheapest wine, sold in boxes. Krabicák was made from card boxes ripped to many small pieces. A lot of moving around the Prague gave me the access to this cheap material and I didn’t want to waste the chance for building my own paper pinhole camera.
Prague is like my rough pinhole camera – it is a city with so many layers... You can meet modern architecture next to the historical buildings, and if you go very deep under all of those layers, you can find the love to this overwhelming place.
I wanted to finish the circle of ripping with irregular borders of the photographs. So white paper on the edges created natural frames.

Przegląd aparatów autorki:
2011: First pinhole camera
2011: DIRKON
2012: Ceramic pinhole camera
2016: PINCOTT (pinhole made of cotton)
2016: Gingerbread pinhole camera
2017: Galaxy pinhole camera (3D pen)
2017: Chocolate pinhole camera
2017: Play-Doh pinhole camera
2019: Krabicák (paper pinhole camera)