Z cyklu (internal landscapes)

Arek Golosz

Londyn – London

Wielka Brytania – UK

I'm an artist, self-taught photographer, photography facilitator/educator (in participatory methods) … and a dreamer.
Graduated at Silesian University in Katowice in Social Anthropology (MSc - History and theory of culture).
Born in Tychy, Upper Silesia, Poland, I live and work in Catford, UK. My photography is a state...or a statement, a journey between soul and mind, focusing on spaces, people and things around, searching for stories and identities, looking for social change. Being migrant myself, issues of migration lie within my interests and practices. I mostly work with analogue techniques, having an interest in practising and mastering alternative processes (lith printing, liquid emulsion, lumen prints). Not afraid of any imperfections, my approach to photography is kind of experimental.

To find out more about Arek and his work follow the link: https://www.arekgolosz.com.

„...traveller, there’s no path. Paths are made by walking…”
Antonio Machado

…when the life event occures and you’re trying to find your ways, your place…self…through/in nature…through/in photography…when walking becomes a state of mind…

...sometimes it takes a lot to walk...on mental an emotional side of the path…

Pictures were taken with converted coronet box camera into pinhole, then lith contact printed in wet darkroom. (C-type prints available on request).

Arek Golosz