Niels Hansen


Dania – Denmark

Selected exhibitions:

Kunstnernes paskeudstilling Arhus, Galleri Toldkammeret Helsingor, Marienlyst slot Helsingor, Galleri Nybro Kobenhavn Galleri Jensen Helsingor, Bratskov Brovst, Rydebäck konstforening, Pärnu Estland, Riga Letland, Moskva Rusland, Helsingor Bibliotek. Omma center of Contemporary art Santa Barbara USA nd the 4th International Art Festival Chania Crete Greece.
Pavlovka art Gallery Kiev.
Kunstforeningen Limfjordens sensurerede efterarsudstilling Gimsinghoved.
Sommerville Massachusetts juried toy camera festival 2020.

Camera Obscura a new direction

With Pinhole photography, time expands, and with it your perceptions. Breath and vision are aligned with This slow Rhythm and with the light, that penetrates the small Hole to crystallize into an image.and the outcome of the process is often Dreamy and engigma images.people often says that my pinhole images looks Surreal and some says it reminds of Magic Realism and a few, that it looks like Fantasy, it has never been my intension to do that, it has just from the start naturaly become my style in Pinhole photography. A lot of photographers make backlit Pinhole images, often resulting in flat grey and black images, when I started with pinhole 14 months ago, I immediately wanted to take advantage of the pinhole cameras ability to record the rays and Beams from the sun in a creative way, that’s what I mean with a new direction: against the sun, and with dodging and burning in photoshop I can make images with a large tonescale and good would be a pleasure and an Honor to show some of my images, on your 7th Polish pinhole festival. I would like to show 20 images on the pinhole festival, my images are 18x18 cm on A4 300gr cotton paper with pigmented ink or 28x28cm on A3 300 gr cotton paper and with pigmented ink During the last year I have shown my pinhole images in a Gallery in Kiev Ukraine, Limfjordens juried art autumn exhibition Struer Denmark, Sommerville massachusets toy camera festival juried by Allison Nordstom, an interview with me on 12 of my images will be in Book by Italien photographer Valentino Guido, the name of the book will be Daphne Pinhole inside 2020.and I have been a Guest at the Lensless podcast.