Z cyklu „Ness”

Ky Lewis

Londyn – London

Wielka Brytania – UK

Ky Lewis is an artist working with light and chemicals, choosing slow photography as the core of her practice. Exhibitions include both pinhole and camera-less work, some of the most recent exhibitions;

Curriculum vitae

Struck By Light Valid World Hall Barcelona – Group
TIFA Tokyo International Foto Awards Japan – Group
„Struck by Light” Hundred Heroines KCAW London – Group
„Searching For Light A Solargraphic Germination: Galeria Ciasna Poland – Solo
„From a Seed The World Of Botanicals” New York Centre For Photographic Art Juror Selection – Group
„Decay Corrosion Rust” New York Centre for Photographic Art USA Third Prize Winner – Group
„Alt Show” e5Process Clapton Hart London UK – Group
„Reclaim Photography Festival Light House Media Wolverhampton UK – Group
„Salon 19” Photofusion Brixton London UK – Group
„I was Here” Intl Pinhole Festival Clifford Thames Gallery London UK – Group
„Medium Festival” Sparks Gallery San Diego USA Juried Show – Group
„Offo Pinhole Festival” Poland – Group and Solo
„Flora: SEC4PA South Carolina USA Juried – Group
„Obsolete and Discontinued” Magazzini Fotografici Naples Italy – Group
„Observations of a Dog” The Tunnel Safehouse Peckham London UK – Group
„Pavlovka Pinhole Festival” Kiev Ukraine – Group
„The Art of Pinhole” HebelHalle Heidelberg Germany – Group
„Everything I Ever Learnt” ARB University Cambridge UK – Group
„Diversity” Wichita Falls Museum of Art Texas USA – Group
„Salon 18” Photofusion Brixton London Metro Award Winner – Group
„Fix” Photo Festival Awards with LA Nobel Menier Gallery London – Juried Group
„Open 2018” Shutter Hub with Photomonth Truman Brewery London – Juried Group
„Time Dilated” Phoenix Brighton Photo Fringe – Group
„Plastic Fantastic Show IX” Lightbox Gallery Astoria USA – Juried Group
„Cosmic Perspectives” Lumen Ugly Duck London UK – Group
„Pinhole Show” Gallery 1885 The Camera Club London UK – Group

Selected Awards
Honourable Mentions 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Award „Fine Art” & „Landscape” – 2021
Honourable Mention Tokyo International Foto Awards – 2020
Shortlist Hundred Heroines Experimental Photography ”Struck By Light” – 2020
New York Centre for Photographic Art „ Juror Selection Aline Smithson „From a Seed The World of Botanicals – 2020
New York Centre for Photographic Art „Third Place” „Decay, Corrosion, Rust” juror Darren Ching – 2020
Metro Imaging Mentoring Award Salon 18 Photofusion – 2018
Nominated for RPS Hundred Heroines – 2018
Shortlist Fix Festival Award LA Nobel Menier Gallery UK – 2018
Shortlist Secret Art Prize Curious Duke Gallery UK – 2018

Selected Publications
Seities 11th Traditional Photographic Publication Landscape – 2020
Obsolete and Discontinued Brovira Press – 2018
An Antidote to Indifference 15 Caught By The River Magazine – 2018
Experimental Photography A Handbook Thames and Hudson – 2015
Jill Enfield’s Guide to Alternative Processes first and second edition – 2013/2020

Selected Interviews
The Intrepid Camera Blog: Ky Lewis Reflecting on her ongoing series, „Ness” – 2020
The Lensless Podcast shows 51 & 77 – 2018-2019
Lomo: Lomographers through the years – 2017
Shutterhub Blog, In conversation with Ky Lewis September – 2016
Without Lenses 2015

Stave Hill Ecology Park – 2016

These images are from the series I am currently working on, it is early days for this series. „Ness” as it is currently called is a work in progress, recently started this series is about my emotional connection with the places I have chosen to photograph. For many years I have had an interest in landscape but I’m not looking at making these places look pretty they all have a sense of abandonment, desolation, they are wide open, laid bare often raw and and unwelcoming but also in some respects honest landscapes that hide nothing and share a sense of melancholy as well as wonder.
Ness was born out of my connection, both historical and emotional to these places. My response to these areas is more than just captured in a slow pinhole photograph, I decided to paint, using light and chemicals the surface of these contact printed 4×5” x-ray film shots, using these materials brought a stronger challenge and tactile quality to the project. The surface treatment and it’s reaction to the environment in that the quality of the film surface would get easily scratched from exposure to the fine elements of the surrounding environment and the deliberate scarring of the surface to create my response to each image.
Ness, with a derivation in Old English and Old Norse in the South East means a promontory or headland jutting into a body of water, exposed often drowned and always at the mercy of weather influences I wanted to highlight these areas around the Thames Estuary and the South East coast, Sheerness, Shellness, Shoeburyness, Foulness and Dungeness, I have stories to tell about these places…
4×5” pinholes unique chemical hand painted prints

This growing series has recently received and been featured in:
Offo Pinhole Festival Poland 2021
Denis Roussel Award, „Outstanding Work” 2021
Hon. Ment. Julia Margaret Cameron Awards Fine Art 2021
Hon. Ment. Julia Margaret Cameron Award Landscape 2021
Honourable Mention from Tokyo Foto Awards 2020
Analogue Forever Magazine Issue 3 feature
Intrepid Magazine feature
Seities Landscape feature
„I was Here” Clifford-Thames Gallery „Alt Show” Clapton Heart
Salon 19 Photofusion