Z cyklu „Endless journey”

Igor Stepanich

Moskwa – Moscow

Rosja – Russia

Being a professional musician, I am also interested in visual experiments for many years, in particular, 5 years ago pinhole photography came to my life and it accompanies me almost everywhere as a kind of research, a kind of dialogue, as an Endless Journey (that is the title of this exhibition series), with weekdays, workdays, far adventures, impressions and memories, strung on it. With people and places, thoughts and moods, strung on it. Pinhole as a way of acting, as a way of thinking, became a very important part of my life, even a part of me. And my life became a part of some super-pinhole life: I feel it being a part of OFFO festival with its authors - people of different ages, professions, from different countries. So let's our endless journey continues!

Participations in exhibitions:
- Exhibitions in Fotodom gallery, Ryazan, Russia - in 2018, 2019.
- Pavlovka gallery Pinhole fest, Kiev, Ukraine - in 2019, 2020.
- Focus award, Fier, Albania - in 2019, 2020.
- OFFO, Olza, Poland - in 2019.
- Porto Pinhole Photography exhibition, MIRA gallery, Porto, Portugal - in 2020.
- Galeria Ciasna, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland „The Gyre” and „The Gyre 2” - in 2020, 2021.