OFFO 2011 - What is it?

OFFO 2011 is the 4th edition of the Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography.

This is the only periodic event (biennale) in the polish photography environment, which is completely focused on pinholes. The Festival is already known on the international photography market.

The 3rd edition of OFFO, in November 2009, was more spectacular than previous. There was about 50 galleries in Gorny Slask area, which were a part of the 3rd Festival OFFO - mostly in Jastrzebie Zdroj, Rybnik and Katowice. In OFFO we had pleasure to show photographies made by over than 100 Authors - from France, Argentina, Australia, USA, Brazil, Germany, Russia and, of course from Poland. In June 2010 the After-OFFO exhibition was presented in BWA and other galleries in Zielona Gora.

During the III OFFO took place also "Amerykańskie Metafory" - exhibition of the most important pinhole photographers from USA(Craig J. Barber, Martha Casanave, Walter Crump, Jesseca Ferguson, Sarah Van Keuren, Scott McMahon, Nancy Spencer i Eric Renner) in Katowice (gallery "Pusta" and "Sektor I"), connected with workshops made by Jesseca Ferguson and Eric Renner, lectures and meetings.

The important part of the Festival is exhibition "OFFO-On-The-Way". It contain one photo from every Authors and is shown in many cities in Poland, also after the Festival.

The membership in the Festival has been confirmed by many personalities from the famous polish photo-organizations, as: ZPAF (Union of polish art photogtaphers) and artists from Fotoklub Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, Profesors from Polish Universities and artists from International Photography Organization: F.I.A.P.

OFFO 2011, that takes place in the galleries, it's not only exhibitions. We are also willing to show you: pinhole films, multimedia projects, original lectures.

Now we are collecting applications for OFFO 2011. The deadline to send it is 30.05.2011.

Contact with Organizators:


Information about Festival you can find also on blog made by Pawel Janczaruk ( - taged as "OFFO".

How can I take part in OFFO? Instruction

This year it is very easy. You should read a OFFO Regulations and send us an application, which must consist of:

- min. 5 photos to qualification not bigger than 2 Mb (of course made with pinhole);
- declaration, how many pictures and in which size, you want to show during the OFFO 2011;
- short cv and contact datas;
- write us, if you want to show some multimedia or give us longer text to the Virtual Catalogue.

The easiest way to send us information is using OFFO Application Form (remember to send it with 5 photos).

We are waiting for applications only to the end of May. Our e-mails:

OFFO Regulations you can find for example on:

On this site is also OFFO Application Form.